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Have you been told your adventure-filled travel days are over now that you have kids? Let me assure you they are not!

It's time to pack your bags, grab your kids and get exploring

...because traveling with kids is not only worth it, it may well be one of the most rewarding things you have ever done.

That's why we created...

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A comprehensive travel course that gives you the confidence you need to explore the world with your kids.

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I see you, that new mama with wanderlust and a deep sense of adventure. You are longing to explore the world but aren't sure how you'll be able to when you can hardly survive a trip to the store with your little one in tow.

Trust me when I say that parenthood does not have to force us to put our travel plans on hold.

What You'll Get:

01. The Mindset Shift

Move from "it's not worth it" to "it's going to be amazing".

Have you ever been told it’s not worth it to travel with kids? I have heard this countless times and it is so far from the truth. Sure your trips may look different, but that doesn’t mean that can’t still be amazing! It simply takes a bit of a mindset shift.

In this module you will:

Level-set your expectations for traveling with kids.

Build confidence in your abilities to travel with kids.

Learn tips and tricks to get your kids excited for traveling. 

02. Plan It Out

Locations, logistics and booking. OH MY! 

Planning a trip can be a big undertaking in itself, add kids into the mix and it adds a whole new level of complexity. But, with the right resources and understanding what things to take into consideration, you can turn the planning phase from stress-inducing to stress-free. 

In this module you will:

Learn how to pick the perfect destination for your family. 

Receive tips and tricks on booking transportation and accommodations.

Prepare for your trip with an all-inclusive packing list.

03. Get Exploring

Make the most of every moment on your trip. 

While the hard part of planning is over, there are still things to consider once you arrive at your destination. By taking some time to prepare for your arrival in advance you will be sure to start your adventure off on the right foot so you can savor every moment. 

In this module you will:

Learn how to navigate time changes and culture shock.

Get prepared for how to handle naps, snacks and meals.

Receive family-friendly and budget-friendly activity ideas. 

I've heard it before and I know you have too...

...traveling with kids is too hard, too expensive, or not worth it? 

I heard it enough times that when I had my first child I thought my days of exploring new places and visiting new countries had to be put on hold. But as anyone with a severe case of wanderlust knows, it’s impossible to keep that deep desire for travel at bay. So when my daughter was 6 months old I planned our first adventure-filled vacation as a family of 3 to Voyagers National Park. After that, it didn’t take me long to realize that while travel was different with my daughter in tow, it was still incredible and it was totally doable!

So what do you say, are you ready to put all those naysayers at bay and to start exploring the world with your kids?

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Module 1: The Mindset Shift (Value $97)

Module 2: Plan It Out (Value $97)

Module 3: Get Exploring (Value $97)

Screen-Free Kids Activity Idea List (Value $17)

Packing and Gear Guide and Checklist (Value $37)

Bonus:  Exclusive Facebook Community Access (Value $97)

Bonus:  Step-by-Step Trip Planning Workbook (Value $45)

Value: $487

Regular Price: $197

Today's Price:$37

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